CGT the perfect finish.

Industrial Design Studio

Head Office, Cambridge Ontario

CGT’s head office located in Cambridge, Ontario, Canada is home to our industrial product development centre and marketing department. Combining decades of hands-on design experience with a keen insight into design & colour trends to balance form and function, our designers create innovative products for a variety of industrial markets globally.

Design Innovation

Custom Development

In addition to CGT’s extensive in-house design collection, CGT offers a made-to-order (mto) service to our customers. Through the mto program, customers work with our team of experienced designers and product development specialists to develop tailor-made printed and textured designs.

Colour Lab

New designs are brought to life with pre-production samples developed in CGT’s colour lab. These samples remove the guess work and allow our customers to hold sample material in their hands early in the development process. CGT’s state of the art Colour Lab is equipped to develop pre-production samples for printed and grained vinyl material.

Marketing Design

CGT’s products are supported by world class digital, print, and social media marketing materials. Realistic 3D renderings are created by our talented in-house marketing team. Ask your CGT representative how CGT’s marketing team can help promote your new product.

Print Technology

CGT’s investments in new print technologies and specialty inks are showcased in our true-to life prints, premium finishes, and textures. CGT’s rotogravure print capabilities allow for consistent colour accurate print runs, with inks formulated to the exacting requirements each industrial market.