CGT the perfect finish.


Our wide assortment of construction membranes provide quality solutions for roofing and decking applications in addition to ponds and containment projects.


As a leading global supplier of primary and secondary containment films our dedicated staff provide state of the art product development and field support for our growing customer base. CGT produces customizable PVC products, designed to withstand exposure to a variety of environmental conditions and fluids. Geoliner has been used successfully in a range of applications and projects including agriculture, aquaculture, potable water tank lining, mining evaporation ponds, landfill lining, chemical storage, chemical spill protection, wastewater and stormwater reservoirs and others.

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Our reinforced thermoplastic single ply decking material is produced with innovative print patterns, embossing and protective topcoats. Creating an aesthetically pleasing, durable and easy to maintain surface for balconies and decks.

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Ceiling Floor Decoration

Decorative vinyls that are used for making stretch ceilings, suspended ceilings, wall covering and floor wear layer and design layer.

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Technical Films

Technical PVC films used as electrical or nuclear protection.


Electricity: Films used for the manufacture of electrical cabinet jackets, electrical cable protection and the floors of electrical rooms.

Nuclear protection: Films used in the fabrication of personal protective clothing for nuclear plants (ventilated and unventilated) and confining specific areas (wall and floor protection)

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