CGT the perfect finish.

Our Global Automotive
Design Studios

We have design studios located in Bingham Farms Michigan, Changshu China, and in Cambridge Ontario Canada. OEM design houses look to CGT’s global design studios to draw inspiration for the next up and coming trends taking place in our market segment. Our global studios work together to create a biannual collection of cutting-edge new prints, perforations, embossments, grains, textures, color trends, technology, and new sustainable innovations. We treat our design show much like a high-end fashion collection, complete with a look book. We use our design shows to introduce each collection to the OEM design houses. This has played a significant role in solidifying CGT’s position as a go-to source for on-trend design and technology innovation.

Design Innovation

Rotogravure Printing

Through CGT’s Rotogravure applications and printing technology, our designers have the creative ability to design prints to go along with our clients’ interior grain aesthetics. Designers can emulate textile patterns, or design graphic elements, and still maintain the durability and cleanability our vegan material is known for.

Selectable Pin Perforation

Perforation can be done on any of CGT products. However, when done on our FORTIS material, it will give you superior durability and strength.


Our material can be easily quilted and embroidered for luxury, comfort, and style.

Grains and Embossments

We offer luxury, comfort, and style, through our extensive library of grains and embossments that designers can choose from. We also offer the opportunity to create bespoke technical grains and embossments tailored to our clients’ brand identity.