Our Top Tips to get Pool-Ready this Season   

APRIL, 2019

Ready to take the plunge into the 2019 pool season?


So are we! Here at CGT, we want to put the bite of winter behind us with our top three tips to get pool-ready this season. We can already smell the summer barbeques!

Tip 1: Don’t open too early!

The best time to open your pool will depend on the climate where you live — but it’s best to wait until the daytime high is consistently hovering around 20 degrees Celsius before you open up your pool for the season. You also don’t want to wait until it’s too hot either, as cleaning and maintenance costs can go up.

Tip 2: Make a clean break

Once the outdoor temperature is consistent and the cover is off, you will want to set aside time specifically for cleaning. It’s best to do this before things like algae set in. The costs of cleaning go up the longer you leave your pool uncovered in warmer weather. Don’t have time to give it a proper cleaning? Get it professionally cleaned. The good news is that many of today’s filtration systems are pretty good at working their magic to keep things like algae and pollen buildup at bay.  

Tip 3: Aesthetic goals

Say hello to #summer19 spent sitting poolside with your favourite people. But before you do, make sure the pool is ready for the first of your summertime gatherings. This isn’t just about furniture and deckside decorations — make sure your water is crystal clear. Checking your filtration system regularly ensures that water is circulating effectively. The cleaner the water, the more your beautiful pool liner will show!

CGT is at the heart of the premium pool liner industry. If you have a pool, chances are high that it contains liner materials made by us!


From ornate mosaics to modern textures and designs, we make prints that are developed to coordinate with every backyard application.

Our premium collections, the Aquashimmer and Aquasense, are award-winning liner designs that:

  • Are 100% made in North America

  • Provide UV defense

  • Are resistant to stains, fading, and chlorine damage

This year we are celebrating 150 years of manufacturing leadership - making us one of the country’s oldest companies in the industry. To mark this important milestone, we are organizing a series of events, open houses, and community initiatives throughout the year. Stay in touch with CGT by following us on Facebook and Twitter — and be sure to check back for all of our exciting 150th anniversary events here!



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