Happy Manufacturing Month!


Did you know that more than 3.5 million job opportunities in the manufacturing industry will be met with a growing skills shortage over the next 10 years? (Big Commerce, 2019).

This skills shortage, along with the surplus of job openings, led to the creation of Manufacturing Day, and now Manufacturing Month. In the United States and Canada, this month not only celebrates the manufacturing practices that build local, national, and global economies, it inspires youth to learn about manufacturing as a potential career with hopes they join this thriving workforce.

According to Canadian Manufacturers & Exporters (CME), nearly 1.7 million jobs across Canada rely on manufacturing — this is just one reason why strengthening our manufacturing sector is critical to our country. CME is one of the many organizations that celebrates Manufacturing Month to promote the true face of the manufacturing industry to the government, youth, workforce and public; those that can help build a robust manufacturing sector for the future.


CME actively joins workforces with partners across Canada, such as chambers of commerce, local manufacturing companies, boards of trade and educational institutions to organize workshops, networking events and plant tours. Students receive first-hand experiences and direct insight into the Canadian world of manufacturing from manufacturers themselves, which significantly impacts their decision to consider pursuing the trades.

CGT is proud to be celebrating Manufacturing Month as one of the oldest manufacturing companies in Canada. In our 150th year, Manufacturing Month reminds us that the future of manufacturing will be determined by the next generation. As leaders in our sector, we can inspire the next generation to understand the difference they can make through manufacturing. We can show students, parents and educators the opportunity and creativity that lies in manufacturing, and guide students towards a career in extreme demand.

Celebrating Manufacturing Month is very important to CGT. We want to build a workforce full of qualified and diversified manufacturing talent that will help build and sustain local economies well into the future.

Here’s to another 150 more years, CGT!

This year we are celebrating 150 years of manufacturing leadership — making us one of the country’s oldest companies in the industry. To mark this important milestone, we are organizing a series of events, open houses, and community initiatives throughout the year. Stay in touch with CGT by following us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram — and be sure to check back for all of our exciting 150th anniversary events here!

CME - Manufacturing Month: https://cme-mec.ca/manufacturing-month/

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