We continue to pride ourselves on our core commitments of being Imaginative, Dynamic, Focused and Indispensable while leveraging these commitments in our environmental sustainability strategy.  By reducing our environmental foot print CGT believes we can make a difference in the world, one yard of coated fabric at a time.
Our Commitments . . . 
As one of Canada’s oldest family-owned businesses, CGT is committed to a culture of responsible actions focusing on forward thinking and sustainability for our customers, employees and our community.  Protecting the environment for future generations is something that CGT is passionate about.
Responsible Manufacturing.  
One of the cornerstones of our sustainability practices is our commitment to continually enhance our operating performance.  Waste diversion and energy efficiency are key operational focuses to reduce the environmental footprint of our manufacturing locations.
CGT is proud to be the first North American vinyl producer to be ISO14001 registered and maintains ISO14001 registered environmental management systems at each of our global manufacturing locations.
Leading Sustainable Initiatives.
As a leading sustainable initiative in 2009 we developed Vehreo, a vinyl seating made of bio-based plasticizers that utilize plant oils from soybeans and castor beans.  Bio-materials are renewable resources that can be harvested with reduced greenhouse gas emission.
Combined with the use of recycled plastics in our backing materials, CGT will continue to offer a wide range of more environmentally conscious products to our customers.
Supporting Industry Partners. 
Passionate employees can be a driving force for environmental sustainability across multiple industrial sectors.  We are leading the way to help our industry partners achieve their initiatives by providing today’s solutions to tomorrows problems.
CGT is an active supplier of products supporting our industry partners in agriculture, mining, construction, energy, consumer recreation, and service industries.
With a long list of products that include certified potable water liners for safe and clean drinking water, geotextiles used for environmental containment and certified fish safe membranes for agriculture, we are leading the way to help reduce other organizations' environmental impacts.
Giving Back to the Community. 
CGT is committed to giving back to the communities in which we operate by sponsoring both local charities and community groups. 
Additionally, with increased urbanization, we believe that it’s important to ensure the preservation of our planet's natural habitat for both ecological integrity and community enjoyment.  This is why we remain active contributors to community based ecological preservation initiatives. 
Environmental stewardship is fundamentally aligned with our principles.  Our Cambridge Ontario location maintains a 17 acre nature area adjacent to our manufacturing facility. Preserving this natural landscape and protecting the ecological integrity for current and future generations to enjoy is our goal.
Responsibility for Tomorrow, Today!


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