How the Smart Surfaces of the Future are Driving Interior Innovations   

MARCH, 2019

Imagine the sticky mess of a soft drink spill inside the family minivan, or the ink left behind on the seat from denim jeans. These problems can impact the appearance of any vehicle. But no matter the interior surface issue, there’s a CGT cover stock technology that can help offset these effects. 

We proudly manufacture innovative automotive interior surface technologies that are a step ahead of the industry. We predict where the industry trends are going and develop interior surface technologies to meet future needs. Our cover stock materials are designed to have two or more attributes that deliver benefits to the end consumer.

Here are some common interior surface hangups — and the high-tech materials of the future that CGT is developing in response:

Germs and food spills in an era of ride sharing

As ride sharing gains in popularity and commuters look for quicker (and cleaner) ways to avoid the subway, the interior of a vehicle has to be able to compete.

CGT’s CleanTec surface technology features antimicrobial surfaces that stop microorganisms from growing. This keeps cold-causing germs at bay and food and beverage spills from spreading those germs. Sticky fingers need not apply.

An oven on wheels: when your car is parked in the sun

CGT’s CoolTec surface innovations of the future integrate climatization technology to keep surfaces cool in hotter conditions. Gone are the days of placing towels on your seats on hot summer days when you’re wearing shorts.

When sitting in the sun, the inside of your car can reach 50 degrees Celsius or higher even when the outside temperature is a mere 20 degrees. This can cause surfaces to become uncomfortable to the touch.

Blue jean ink rubbing off on car seating surfaces

We shouldn’t have to sacrifice our fashion choices for our car. With an increasing demand for white and light grey interior colours, dark wash denim can feel like a stain waiting to happen.

CGT’s Advanced Performance Top Coats incorporate anti-soiling properties that repel surface stains, maintaining the colour integrity of interior materials. Surfaces are also easier to keep clean as a result! 

Big, bulky car door and console buttons

Every button has a purpose - but it shouldn’t push the driver’s buttons. Manual buttons can be a nuisance to keep clean. 

CGT’s Reveal is at the cutting-edge of interior vehicle design. A light-transmissive, capacitive-enabling cover stock with a vast range of applications, this material can display information and can also replace bulky buttons. This can make interior materials lighter for the manufacturer and surfaces easier to clean for the owner or driver.

As the largest cover stock supplier in North America, we supply virtually every car maker in the world.


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