How a Loyal Customer of 45 Years is Making a Splash in the Pool Industry   


As our 150th anniversary celebrations continue, we are looking back and 

reflecting on the loyal customers that have grown alongside CGT over the years.  


DEYS Fabricating Ltd., an independent vinyl liner manufacturer and pool accessory distributor, is a long standing customer and one we are proud to count amongst our most loyal. For 45 years and counting, DEYS has sourced its vinyl pool liner materials from CGT.


Here’s how our spotlight customer is making a splash in the Canadian pool industry:

1. Supporting other like-minded Canadian businesses.  

DEYS didn’t have to go off the deep end to support other local, like-minded businesses like CGT. In an effort to keep the local manufacturing ecosystem sustainable, buying Canadian-made materials from an equally Canadian company made sense.


London, Ontario-based DEYS has sourced its materials from CGT’s Cambridge headquarters since its early days when only a handful of pool liner options were available on the market.


A few decades — and some design refinements — later, and now there are dozens of options in a variety of patterns with the latest liner technologies. Choosing CGT ensured DEYS would maintain strong working ties with other leaders in the industry.

Family legacies are something we are very familiar with at CGT. The Chaplin family is an integral part of our company’s early success, managing operations for five generations.

2. Keeping family values a strong part of the business.

A third generation family-run business, DEYS is built on a foundation of tradition. Beginning work for his father’s company at the age of 18, William Deys Jr. helped to install swimming pools. Now at the helm of the longest continually-operated independent liner manufacturer in the Canadian pool industry, he and the entire DEYS family make sure this value is reflected in every aspect of the business.

3. Making sure quality is not optional - but the only option.

From sourcing high-quality vinyl materials to influencing the final swimming pool installation, an unwavering commitment to quality across the entire supply chain makes all the difference for the end customer. Just add water!

At CGT, we use thorough quality control measures to make sure our vinyl liner materials are the industry standard.   


At CGT, we use thorough quality control measures to make sure our vinyl liner materials are the industry standard.   


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