We constantly strive for excellence. Today in 3 different countries, over 1,000 team members are focused on our commitment to consistently deliver outstanding performance + first-class quality products.
Here's Our Story. 
CGT has its roots in the Victoria Wheel Works which provided wagon wheels for the thriving transportation trade of the time. We were also a major supplier of coated fabrics during the war years (rain wear) and consumer products (shower curtains, wall coverings and table cloths). We are proud of our roots and excited about the future as we continue to deliver first-class quality automotive and industrial coated fabrics and films.
Where We Work.
As a world leading producer of coated fabrics and films, CGT’s global manufacturing footprint is as wide and diverse as the countries they are located within. Although CGT’s employees come from vastly different parts of the world, we are all united through vision, dedication and the ultimate goal of producing first-class product and exceptional service to our equally diverse customer base.
Our Global Team. 
We attribute our reputation for service and quality to the people who make up our team, and acknowledge their valued contribution as we continue to build on this foundation of success. We have a history of investing in people through continuing education, apprenticeship programs, relevant professional training and career development.
Environmental + Quality. 
As one of the world’s largest suppliers of flexible thermoplastic sheeting, we ensure that our quality systems meet or exceed the global requirements essential for us to continuously fulfill your needs. All of our products are expertly matched for quality of colour, durability, and unfading performance by our experienced team of engineers, designers, colour matchers, chemists and product development specialists. Our goal is to offer you the finest vinyl and coverstocks, unparalleled in the industry.
Environmental & Sustainability. 
As one of Canada’s oldest family owned business, Canadian General Tower is committed to a culture of responsible actions focusing on forward thinking and sustainability for our customers, employees and our community.  Canadian General Tower is proud to be the first North American vinyl producer to be ISO14001 Registered and the first to market vinyl’s made from plant based materials.  In 2009 we developed Vehreo, a vinyl seating made of bio-based plasticizers that utilize plant oils from soybeans and castor beans.  Combined with the use of recycled plastics in our backing materials we continue to offer a wide range of more environmentally conscious products to our customers.



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